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Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
(877) 998-0222


Turning Point strives to promote ministry in the lives of our listeners by teaching them to reach their own circle of influence for Jesus Christ and to build up the local church by building-up the people of the local church.

6:30AM - 7:00AM

Unfiltered Radio with Bryant Golden

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Bryant Golden, Lead Pastor at Centerpoint Church, shares Unfiltered messages that will reach both the skeptic and the long-time Jesus follower. Bryant admits that Jesus followers have a reputation for being judgmental and hypocritical. But he believes that Jesus is authentically true, which means His life and story will hold up to any question and have the power to change any life. Bryant also teaches that there is freedom, forgiveness, peace, and purpose in Jesus Christ. During his weekly program, Bryant gets to the core of what Jesus actually taught and what it means for those who have followed Jesus for years and for those who are still searching.
7:00AM - 8:00AM

Keeping It Cool with Josh Cabrera

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Keeping It Cool is hosted by Josh Cabrera, owner of ACS Homes Services - Central Florida’s Heating and Cooling Experts. The show is an informative light hearted program full of helpful facts that every homeowner should know about their Heating & AC System. Josh is passionate about educating the general public on what to look for and what to stay away from when searching for an AC company. Listeners learn helpful maintenance tips on how to save money on their energy bill and receive special offers during the show
9:00AM - 10:00AM

Dr. Bill - Your Radio M.D with Dr. William N. Handelman M.D
(727) 384-6411
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The "Dr. Bill - Your Radio M.D" show is hosted by Dr. William N. Handelman M.D. who has over 20,000 hours of Emergency Room experience and extensive in hospital/intensive care experience. Dr. Handelman is board-certified in Internal Medicine and is on active staff at several local hospitals. His medical practice “Bay Area Medical – Home of Can Care Clinic” is located in St. Petersburg, FL. where he and his staff care for visiting Canadian traveler’s and local residents. This is an informative program for listeners seeking a better understanding of medical related issues, as well as, a light-hearted program that features Dr. Handelman’s humorous bedside manner that keeps his patients coming back year after year.

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